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This is the most annoying and important bug that makes this feature not enough stable for a stable release 👎 so bad!, please help us to fix it! it's very important for the stability of all the user's desktops! 🥇

There's an important bug where the windows disappears (just hidden) from your desktop, you can see them because they shows at "alt + tab" but they simply don't show up, you can recover them by reloading E with "ctrl + alt + end"

So basically seems like there's a problem catching the signals of "hey man, there's a window there!", maybe related to some signal that seems like makes the windows to re-appear and hide when you switch between your virtual desktops (they should not, it was not like this in the past and looks like the windows opens/close all the time)

How to reproduce:

  1. Set your screen-limits configuration to the no-limit option (third one), which is the default in E, they are in the E settings, windows, show windows, screen limits tab.
  2. Open a window, like a terminal, size it big, move the window out of the limits of the screen (having the borders offset of the limits of the screen)
  3. Switch to another virtualdesktop and come back to this one, your window should be gone, play a bit with these steps if is not the case


  • you may see the window referenced in a different virtual-desktop (showing in the pager)
  • if you are in a different virtual-desktop and you restart/reload E, there's also strange things in the reference of where the window is
  • if you have the window-limits enabled and you resize a window "bigger" than you screen, and even move it, everything is fine, but if is set to the default behavior (no limits), it bugs a lot... in both cases the window is out of the screen so this is pretty strange, hum... @deonthomasgy any idea?

Related behaviors:

  • if you open avidemux and you convert a large video, it will open a small sub-window with a progress bar, if you minimize the main window you can see the window that stills open (or not-hidden), click again and both windows are now minimized, maybe ecomorph thinks that the child window is the same as its parent and still shows it as opened? maybe its something more related to E itself?
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@Thanatermesis Thanatermesis changed the title from IMPORTANT BUG: window disappears :1st_place_medal: to IMPORTANT BUG: window disappears Feb 2, 2017

much improved description and details


Hey @JeffHoogland do you have this bug also in your version of E17/Moksha and ecomorph?


Multi monitors I'm assuming? If so yes - this has always been an issue.


@JeffHoogland nope, it perfectly happens on single monitor, like in my laptop... only in multi-monitor for you?


Interesting... so maybe the issue is caused by a feature that we tried to implement long time ago (screen limits), let's spank @deonthomasgy :)

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