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Molokai color scheme for Vim
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Vim colorscheme for Readability and Beauty for Coding

This theme is a small hack of the original and gorgeous Molokai colorscheme, it includes basically a few improvements and better overall integration to be used in Elive

  • friendly and beautiful for the eyes
  • Easy to identify what kind of element is each piece of code
  • psychology of colors (green = good, red = bad, yellow = hilight, magenta = alert, etc)
  • Lower Contrast for less-important things like comments, visual selections, extra whitespaces in the end of the lines
  • High contrast for important things like:
    • important notes like TODO/FIXME/XXX
    • folded blocks
    • hilighted search
    • marks
    • functions

It works in both gvim (gui) and 256-color terminals

(Original Readme from the cloned colorscheme):

Molokai Color Scheme for Vim

Molokai is a Vim port of the monokai theme for TextMate originally created by Wimer Hazenberg.

By default, it has a dark gray background based on the version created by Hamish Stuart Macpherson for the E editor.

Gray Background

Molokai Original

256-Color terminals are also supported, though there are some differences with the Gui version. Only the dark gray background style is supported on terminal vim at this time.


Copy the file on your .vim/colors folder.

If you prefer the scheme to match the original monokai background color, put this in your .vimrc file:

let g:molokai_original = 1

There is also an alternative scheme under development for color terminals which attempts to bring the 256 color version as close as possible to the the default (dark) GUI version. To access, add this to your .vimrc:

let g:rehash256 = 1
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