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🤘 The biggest collection of Terminator themes.
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The biggest collection of themes for Terminator in a plugin.


1. Install the requests python package

 pip install requests

Note: If you're using python 3, ignore the previous command and install the python2-requests package for your specific OS.

2. Create plugins directory if it does not exist

 mkdir -p $HOME/.config/terminator/plugins

3. Getting the correct plugin

For terminator >= 1.9

 wget -O $HOME"/.config/terminator/plugins/"

For terminator < 1.9

 wget -O $HOME"/.config/terminator/plugins/"

4. Activation

Check the TerminatorThemes option under terminator > preferences > plugins.


  • Open the terminator context menu and select Themes.
  • Select you favorite theme and click install (you can preview available themes before installing).
  • Enjoy! 😃

Setting a Default

There are two ways to set a chosen theme as a default:

Option One: Edit Terminator Config Manually

Once you install a theme it's stored in Preferences > Profiles. To change an installed theme to the default one open ~/.config/terminator/config and replace the [[default]] theme with your preferred theme under the [profiles] setting. (thanks @jacsmith21)

Option Two: Use the GUI

If you do not want to deal with the modification of the configuration file, you can do the following:

  1. Go to Preferences
  2. Choose the Layouts tab.
  3. Choose your preferred layout.
  4. Choose the layout terminal (in the next column).
  5. Choose you preferred profile.

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