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ELIXIR's Training e-Support Service - A Ruby on Rails application providing a portal for registering and discovering training events and materials.

The TeSS code is open source and available under a BSD 3-Clause license. You are free to use it outside of ELIXIR, with minimal restrictions on its use and distribution. If you do create your own version/fork of TeSS, we welcome and encourage contributing your changes back to the main TeSS codebase.


  • Faceted browsing/filtering
  • Full-text search
  • Flexible user authentication
  • Automated, periodic import (scraping) of resources
  • Email subscriptions
  • Embeddable widgets
  • iCal export
  • Semantic web-friendly - Bioschemas and EDAM Ontology integration
  • Administration and curation features for managing users and content
  • Customization options


Interested in contributing to TeSS? Check out our guide on the different ways you can contribute.

Architecture overview

TeSS makes use of the following services to function:

  • PostgreSQL - Database
  • Solr - Search
  • Sidekiq - Asynchronous tasks
  • Redis - Caching

and also integrates with several external services:



TeSS can either be installed using Docker, or natively on an Ubuntu-like OS (some Mac OSX guidance also provided).


To run TeSS in production, see either the Docker guide, or the Ubuntu-like OS guide.


See here for an overview of how you can customize your TeSS deployment.


See here for details on programmatic access to TeSS via its API.