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The Odin Project - Practicing CSS by duplicating a popular website (
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A project to develop and demonstrate skills in CSS, Git, and browser Developer Tools by duplicating a popular website (

Demonstrated Skills

This project is a result of my study of The Odin Project. In this project, I will demonstrate the following skills:

  • Writing my own readme file
  • Version control in Git, using the linux command line.
  • Refine skills in CSS, with an emphasis on layout and best practices.
  • Use the Developer Tool in Chrome to troubleshoot design elements.
  • Familiarity with HTML5.
  • Modest responsive web design.

Getting Started

You can view the website live at:

Or click here. The website should be viewable in any modern browser.

Alternatively, after you have cloned from Github via your favored method, open index.html in your favorite browser to view the page.

If you are new to the technologies listed below, you can familiarize yourself with them through The Odin Project like I have, or click the links below for each technology.

Technologies Used

The technologies that this project uses are:


Thank you for your interest in contributing!

Thanks to the nature of Github, we can make changes and improvements on code others have created. In the spirit of this open community, I welcome any and all edits or improvements. If you would like to contribute to this project, please take a look at the below guidelines before you contribute.

Contributing Guidelines


If you come across a bug, first be sure that it has not already been reported under Issues. If you are unable to find an open issue which addresses your bug, feel free to open a new issue.

Please be sure to give detailed information about the issue - where it happened, when, how to reproduce it, your runtime environment, and any errors information you may have.

Pull Requests

You are always welcome to make a pull request. When you do so, make sure you include detailed information about the solutions and improvements you made in the description when you git commit.

A great resource on the importance and structure of good comments in Git is available here.

Credits and Resources

Primary developer: Kristal Dow

Educational Resource: The Odin Project

Website Modeled:

Reset CSS: Meyerweb Reset

Additional CSS Resource: CSS-Tricks

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