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A QT5 Spotify client, based on MeeSpot with support for Ubuntu Touch and SailfishOS.
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Cute Spotify

Build Requirements


You need some libraries to build CuteSpotify, also you need QtCreator if you want to open the .pro file.

sudo apt-get install libpulse-dev qtcreator


You need to download libspotify 12 to be able to compile and create the .click package. Get it there:

Extract the content of the tarball inside 'libspotify' at the root of the project.

The resulting hierarchy should be:

  • libspotify/
    • include/
      • libspotify/
        • api.h
    • lib/

Spotify API Key

You also need your own libspotify API key to be able to compile and run the program (see Create a file spotify_key.h inside libQtSpotify and copy the provided key inside it using the following format:


const uint8_t g_appkey[] = { 0x00, 0x00, ..., ... };
const size_t g_appkey_size = sizeof(g_appkey);

#endif // SPOTIFY_KEY_H
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