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The code is additional to the article on my blog and presents some popular activation functions. Sigmoid and tanH became less popular in last years. On the other hand, ReLu (Rectified Linear Unit) gained a lot popularity recently.

The link to the full article on activation functions.

Sigmoid Function

tanH Function

ReLu Function

Softmax Function


To execute the code, you will need the following python libraries:

NumPy (Numerical Python) and Matplotlib (plotting library)

You can read the official documentation on both:



How to install these dependencies

For Linux users:

pip install numpy

pip install matplotlib

or if you experience problems with the environmental variables, try:

pip install numpy --user

pip install matplotlib --user

For Windows users:

open a cmd window and type in:

python -m pip install numpy

python -m pip install matplotlib


For Matplotlib's plt.plot(arg1, func(arg1),'color-letter') color-functionality, use the following single letter abbreviations:

Character Color

'b' blue

'g' green

'r' red

'c' cyan

'm' magenta

'y' yellow

'k' black

'w' white