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Plugin for Isochronic Tone Modulation in Audacity
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Isochronic Tone Modulator

Plugin for Isochronic Tone Modulation in Audacity

These are modified versions of the Isochronic Modulator Audacity plugin originally written by Steve Daulton.

Initial Modulation Frequency and Final Modulation Frequency increased to 150 to allow gamma frequencies.

Allows separate Fade-in and Fade-out settings instead of just one time setting used for both in the original plugin.

Allows traditional envelope settings (attack, decay, sustain, release)


The included audio sample is 4 sequenced samples that match the samples represented in the Audacity screenshot:

  • 440Hz for 5 seconds.
  • IsomodExtended for 5 seconds. Equal fade-in and fade-out times of the original plugin.
  • IsomodInOut for 5 seconds. Different fade-in and fade-out times.
  • IsomodEnvelope for 5 seconds. Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release envelope segments.

Blog post from Brian Slartsani's blog The Dynamic State and does a good job of describing how to use the original Isochronic Modulator plugin. (

License matching the original plugin license: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3

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