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Add @since to documentation #1023

CroNiX opened this Issue · 3 comments

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CroNiX Iban Eguia Phil Sturgeon

When reading the documentation, I think it would be helpful to write the CI version number that the class/function/feature/helper/whatever was added (or changed).

Similar to how PHP docs are written with the "changelog" for each function definition.

Iban Eguia

I agree with you. What about a pull request?


That would be a huge undertaking (rewriting ALL current docs, find out which version a feature was introduced/changed, document those changes, etc) which I don't want to do unless this is a popular enough idea. So far in 6 days, you are the only one besides myself who seems to think it would be beneficial.

Phil Sturgeon

Yep, we should definitely start doing this in the future.

@pkriete @ericbarnes @seejohnrun @katzgrau @narfbg

Now you know! Closing.

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