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All Rights Reserved

The things listed below are special cases and exceptions from the above. They have to be respected in addition to the above. Everything that is not listed below applies to the above.


  • Fork and modify the code.
  • Submit pull requests.
  • Copy small parts of code for other projects.
  • Make a review/spotlight of the mod or use it in a modpack.
  • Make Let's Play (and similar) videos containing the mod.


  • Copy entire classes, methods or features or claim you made them.
  • Redistribute the mod. This does not apply, however, when it comes to pre-packaged modpacks.


  • When modifying or using code, always explicitly credit Ellpeck as the creator.
  • When making a review/spotlight containing the mod or using it in a modpack, always make clear that Actually Additions is used.
  • When it comes to the code, always link back to the official repository.
  • When it comes to the mod, always link back to the the official Minecraft Forum thread or CurseForge page.


  • There is no warranty of any kind given. The creator is not to be held liable for bugs, problems or issues.
  • The Actually Additions API can be used in other projects, however it should not be modified. It can be redistributed with other mods (if necessary), however it should still be visible that it is a part of Actually Additions. Do not remove the copyright header from any of the API's files.
  • The above License only applies for code that is part of the mod itself, any APIs used (such as the CoFH API) are licensed by their respective publishers.
  • Excerpts from other code used (such as the OpenBlocks XP system) are explicitly declared as such and the above point applies for them.
  • You are not allowed to copy the assets used in this mod for any other project.
  • Parts of this license, especially restrictive ones, can be ignored with personal permission. Said permission, however, will only be given to people I know or someone who has a very good reason for needing it.

© 2015-2017 Ellpeck