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Welcome to the JALSE wiki!

This is the wiki for Ellzord/JALSE. This wiki is designed to cover all aspects of JALSE but to create most simulations the default implementations are more than adequate. The examples show how these default implementations can be used to create the model for your simulation without you having to provide more than the types and logic.

Getting started

Then give entity types (Creating an Entity type) and attribute listeners (Creating an AttributeListener) a try!

Example code

What are the core components?

Check out the Class diagram to see how all the pieces come together!

See API doc for specific package and class information.

Changing what's under the hood

By default JALSE works out of the box (both as a set of components and an entire system). JALSE was designed with separation and abstraction in mind so each of the core components can be used individually and your own implementations can be plugged in. See Extending or customising JALSE for more information.

Interested in the JALSE project?

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