What is an Action?

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An Action is similar to Runnable in the sense it is used to perform work and is ran some time in the future. Actions are handed a an ActionContext that can be used schedule, cancel and retrieve additional information for processing.

For how to create actions see Creating an Action and for how to a build multi-action see Building a MultiAction.

What is an ActionEngine?

An ActionEngine is used to schedule and execute Actions. It does this by providing an ActionContext bound to that Action and the engine itself (see Scheduling, awaiting and cancelling actions for more information).

JALSE provides several default ActionEngine implementations (see Picking an ActionEngine implementation).

What is an ActionScheduler?

An ActionScheduler is used to provide a bridge between an ActionEngine and a specific actor. ActionScheduler provides methods for scheduling Actions and providing the actor to the ActionContext (see Using an ActionScheduler for more information).

Useful utility methods

For some handy Action related methods see Actions (API docs for Actions):

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