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Attempt to hack the Restream chat as they don't provide API to access it.

No tutorial for the moment.
Except this quick video to explain the concept:

Ping me if you need.

Find more information on the project and download here:

UDP receiver Terminal on store


The tool is call Restream Hacking (=ReHack) but it don't attempt to do negatif stuffs.
Hacking just means put your hand in the code and do stuffs that was not intended to be used for.

The only purpuse of this tools are:

  • to provide the Restream community a way to create better tools for their community.
  • to provide the Restream platform more users as the tool is kind of amazingly usefull.

The code of my library are under "Eloi Donation license".
But don't forget that if your use of the Restream tool in commercial way, you need to talk about it direclty with the Restream Team.

Hope my code is useful to you.
May the code be with you.

Éloi Strée