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OMI : Open Macro Input

Where to start

⚠️ Under construciton ⚠️.

Where to learn how to download and install ?

If you want to use or learn about the tools, go there:

If you want to hack a bit the tools or communicate with them, go there:

Where to ask Question ?

If you want to talk about the project or resquest modification, I am here:


Before we start ⚠️ BIG WARNING CLAIM ⚠️.

  • This tools is reading you keyboard and mouse to assist you. If you don't trust me, don't use my application.
    • All my code are Open source so you can overwatch them if you want.
  • If you use an application from someone using my code, if you don't trust them, don't use their application.
    • This project is open source meaning that anybody can do they own version. I am not responsible of their illigale actions.
  • This code is in development and as I don't have the budjet or the skills for hacker protection. Don't expect hacker protection. You are on your own if someone hack my tool to kack your computer.

Why I am so thrustfull on the subject?
My tool is very powerfull and useful. And I know it. But I aware that it is also very very very dangerous as it allows hacker that want to harm you to hack you very powerfully.

On that said... good exploration of this tool :)

Developer Warning

Current license of use:

There are none.
I am  waiting to know how to write one be able to write it.
In a second time, I am waiting to be able hire a lawyer to write an official one that translate my way of seeing the open source and the free-to-use part of the project, before proposing one public to the community for validation.
So, for the moment, feel free to use it like you want but not-commercialy and consider that I am not responsible of any bug or maintaining until future official license.
Feel free to enjoy it for fun :)
  • All my code are open source... But I am not assuming at all bug and malfunction.
    • Bad code are fast until it makes everything slow. So I code bad code to learn and rewrite good code later when I think I know the topic enough.
  • You are not suppose to fork >-> use . You are suppose to fork >-> make it your own >-> use.
  • I am not coding to have a community using it. I am coding for me but I let the commmunity using it.
    • Meaning, that I accept people working with me on it but I don't want to spend to much time doing that.
      • I plan to have several points where you can hook your own code on mine. If you see better ways to do it, I invite you to contact and work with me to add those hooks.: "Less people need me, more we are are happy".
    • Meaning, that my scheduling is:
      • 75% working and thinking on innovation to implement code
      • 15% refactoring and keeping the code as clean as I can
      • 10% other stuffs: documenting, communicating, maintenaing ...
    • Meaning, that if you want me to code something, the best way is to make me want to code it by talking to me about it on vocal discord.

Donation, investement, support 😊

I have a philosphy where all my work should be free and open source...
So I have very big difficulty to survive...

If you want to help me you can by

I put all my heart on that free & open source project.
But that very hash to work without making money of it. Eating instant noddle is fun but for years it become quickly dangerous and disgusting. Not speaking of rent, bills, maintaining, testing... and future retreat. So when you see way I could do money without screwing the community, I invite you to contact me to speak about it.

Hope you enjoy my tools, May the code be with you 🤘