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Creative Brief


Intro: this research was completed to serve the idea of an online-only bank to meet the needs of those who are unable to visit bank branches.

History: The Branchless Bank was founded in 2015 by Andrew Mellow, who spent more time traveling than home and was struggling to serve his banking needs, so the idea of an online-only bank came to.

  • Target audience: Individuals who travel over 50% of their time, ages ranging from early 20-s to 60. These individuals live very busy lifestyles, and do not have the time to invest in visiting the bank to meet their needs, this could be due to work, family, or convenience. Possible customers:

    • Students who study abroad.
    • Busy professionals.
    • Military members.
    • Indiviiduals who are taking time off to travel abroad.
  • App objectives:

    • Checking and Savings accounts.
    • National and international availability.
    • Credit Cards offer.
    • Bill Pay
    • Mobile deposits.
    • Free ATM's
    • FDIC Membership.
    • Money Market.
  • Tone: "You are busy, let us do the work for you, this is one thing you don't have to worry about"

  • Competitive analysis: for this project we looked at a number of banks, and concentrated on the online-only banks:

  •   - Simple: features no fees, online-only based banking, card-based services {similar to Paypal}. The site is clean, streamlined, the application process takes about 1 minute. You can link your regular bank account to this site, and can get direct deposits. However, you can not issue deposits directly from an app. Can be used internationally.
      - Paypal: is a fee-based {for the most part} service where you can send and receive money for services, goods, family and friends. You can request a business debit card, or you can pay people and receive money with the app. This site does not offer online or mobile deposits but can be used internationally.
      - USAA: is also an online based banking system that offers debit and credit cards, deposits {direct and manual via app} can be issued, and it is available worldwide. The downfall of this banking system is that is only available to service members and their families only. There are ATMS located near military bases and they offer cash back for the use of non-USAA ATMs.