Modes and Mode Rules

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A Mode is what functionality the extension disables on a page. Currently, there are only two modes:

  • autoplay-only - Only autoplay is disabled on the page.
  • nothing - No features are disabled on the page. When disabling autobuffering is implemented, a third Mode (autobuffer-and-autoplay) will be added. See the [Project Status and Roadmap page](Project Status and Roadmap) for more information.

A Mode Rule is a setting for a domain that specifies what mode that pages from that domain will have.

A Mode Rules List is a collection of Mode Rules. It is viewed and stored (in the local web browser profile) in plain-text format. A Mode Rules List can be configured in two ways:

  • Per domain via the Browser Action Popup (see the [Browser Action and Popup page](Browser Action and Popup) page for more information about the Browser Action Popup)
  • Configured manually via the [Options Page](Options Page)

NOTE: There is no "whitelist" concept defined in the extension. The Mode Rules List provides equivalent functionality, but it has features that go beyond a whitelist. Please do not use "whitelist" as an alias for Mode Rules List.

Mode Rules List Format and Behavior

Here's an example of a Mode Rules List that explains everything:

# Here's a comment. Comments always begin with "#" and end with a new line

# The format for a Mode Rule is as follows:
# (Domain Name) (Mode name) (optional prevent-deletion flag)
# Make sure that each value is separated by one space autoplay-only # Disable autoplay on and * (e.g.,, etc.)

# Mode Rules of a subdomain have precedence over Mode Rules of its parent domain. nothing # Do not disable anything on and *

# Mode Rules with the same domain name are not allowed autoplay-only

# Setting Mode Rules via the Browser Action Popup will automatically modify Mode Rules here
# Only the Mode Rule that matches a page's domain name EXACTLY will be modified
# If the new Mode is the same as the one of a parent domain, the Mode Rule will be deleted if one of the two conditions are met:
# 1. It matches that of a parent domain
# 2. It matches the default mode
# Otherwise if no such Mode Rule exists, one will be appended to this list

# To prevent the deletion of mode rules, add the "prevent-deletion" flag autoplay-only prevent-deletion

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