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[CURRENTLY UNMAINTAINED] An extension for Chromium-based browsers that disables autoplay of HTML5 audio and video
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Disable HTML5 Autoplay

An extension for Chromium-based browsers that disables HTML5 audio and video autoplaying

NOTICE: I have stopped maintaining this project. Please consult for more details.

Disable HTML5 Autoplay disables HTML5 audio and video autoplaying.

In addition to removing the HTML autoplay attribute from media elements, Disable HTML5 Autoplay also hooks into the media's JavaScript API. This allows for restrictions on media control and simulation of expected behavior to ensure that all pages behave normally.

Please consult the Wiki for information on using the extension, solutions to common issues, getting help, and more.


Currently, only Chrome/Chromium and Opera are supported. Firefox will be supported in the future; see Issue #40 for more details.

Install from Chrome Webstore

Install from Opera Addons

Install from source (All supported browsers)

  1. Download and unpack the source code:
  1. In chrome://extensions/, enable Developer mode
  2. Use "Load unpacked extension..." and select the folder containing the extension source code


Read the LICENSE file for more information

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