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Simpler, more flexible and convenient Linux kernel dynamic debug (dyndbg)


  • multiple configs for each file
  • display only files of interest
  • update, save and restore configs

debugfs-webgui screenshot

Target system requirements

  • web server (e.g. Apache2) + PHP


  • copy files to the target system
  • make them accessible through the web server


  • Open http://target-ip/webserver-path-to-degufs.html/debugfs.html
  • f, l, m, t flags are applied on page load/refresh, also use checkboxes
  • click Edit list to display all files and select the files of interest
  • click Apply to debugfs to apply restored config to debugfs - restored config is not applied on page load/refresh - it's just read from the stored config file.
  • click on a filename to expand available debug options
  • use checkboxes to control (command is sent on change)
  • click read lines from debugfs if the source has changed (line numbers got shifted) to update config - checkboxes will keep their states.
  • use the green dropdown menu in the file's table to create and select individual configs.
  • click Save to persistent storage - copies current config from tmpfs to the target system's persistent storage (mounted rootfs, the same dir as debugfs.php)
  • click Switch off debug to turn off debug in all of the files of interest.


  • debugfs.json stored the same dir as debugfs.php is the global file in json format. It stores all individual configs.
  • jquery.ajax.queue.js plugin is used to send ajax requests sequentially to resolve racing condition in accessing the global config file.
  • On page load/refresh debugfs.php tries to restore the global config in the following order:
  • from tmpfs (/tmp/debugfs.json) - is a working copy, don't not forget to save it before reboot.
  • from the target system's persistent storage (debugfs.json - mounted rootfs, the same dir as debugfs.php). Copied to /tmp/debugfs.json.
  • from debugfs (/sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/control). Copied into /tmp/debugfs.json. Save to persistent storage - to create persistent config.
  • Depending on the number of selected files ajax requests can take some time:
    • single debug message - quick
    • f,l,m,t, apply to debugfs - 100+ ms - depends on the number of files.

Behind the scenes

  • PHP - converts json config to queries and back, applies queries to dyndbg, stores configs, responds to ajax requests.
  • JavaScript + libraries:
  • jQuery
  • jquery.ajax.queue.js
  • Bootstrap