Simulating a 2D Hovering SpaceX Grasshopper with a Thrust Vector Control) engine.
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2D Hovering Rocket with TVC (Thrust Vector Control) engine.


The system is controlled by 3 PD controllers.

The first controls throttle based on altitude. The second controls TVC angle based on orientation. The third modifies TVC angle based on lateral drift.

The rocket is modelled as a simple 5.5x33m box massing 10 tons, with a maximum thrust of 500 kN. A blue line shows the force in the normal direction. Thrust is shown as a red line, which is in the direction dictated by the TVC controllers. Components

Pressing 'i' for info returns PID values:

    PID Values:
       lateral drift : PID(1.5,0,5.25)
            altitude : PID(0.3,0,0.67)
            attitude : PID(0.4,0,0.2)