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Autobuilding Docker image and updated for PRAW4.3

/u/ExistentialRickBot is a Reddit Bot who finds meaning in life by listening to submissions on /r/rickandmorty subreddit and answering any questions as best it can.


The phrase "Don't think about it" is said by Rick in the Pilot episode of Rick & Morty.


The core logic is found in

def isExistentialQuestion(message):
  return '?' in message and any(
    [q in message.lower() for q in ['why', 'happen', 'think', 'season 3', 'season three']])

def getAnswerToExistentialQuestion():
  return "The answer is don't think about it."

ExistentialRickBot leaves a comment on such submissions, the response looks a bit like this:

The answer is don't think about it.

I am a bot | [what is my purpose]( 'don't think about it')


To set up praw credentials modify example_praw.ini with the correct credentials and rename the file to praw.ini.

One way to run this is to use docker run elucidation/existential_rick_bot.


Several options from low priority to high:

  • Send a PM to ExistentialRickBot with comments.
  • If there's an issue with a particular comment by ExistentialRickBot, please either reply to that comment with the issue and downvote as needed, I'll be adding auto-deletion if a comment goes negative.
  • For software issues/suggestions/feature requests, create a new issue on this Github.