Reddit Bot for converting Rick & Morty Schmeckles to USD
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/u/SchmeckleBot is a Reddit Bot whose sole purpose is to listen on /r/rickandmorty subreddit and provide currency conversions from Schmeckles to USD.

According to the creators, 1 Schmeckle is worth about $148 USD.

Invoking SchmeckleBot

SchmeckleBot is usually running on a Raspberry Pi. Here is one of it comments on Reddit

If a comment has both a <number> schmeckle(s) and one of the following: how, what, ?, !, then the bot will generate a reply message that looks like something like this:


Hey there! I'm Mr.SculptureBuyer. I'll pay 50 schmeckles for that sculpture!

  • 50 Schmeckles → $7,400 USD

1 Schmeckle = $148 USD | price not guaranteed | what is my purpose


If you make a comment that satisfies those two requirements, and the bot is running, it will probably see and reply with the conversion within a couple minutes (10 minutes at worst).

Regex used: p = re.compile('(-?[\d|,]*\.{0,1}\d+ schmeckle[\w]*)', re.IGNORECASE)

This allows for variants on schmeckle like schmeckles, Schmeckles!!!, schmecklearoos, etc.


Several options from low priority to high:

  • Send a PM to SchmeckleBot with comments.
  • If there's an issue with a particular comment by SchmeckleBot, please either reply to that comment with the issue and downvote as needed, I'll be adding auto-deletion if a comment goes negative.
  • For software issues/suggestions/feature requests, create a new issue on this Github.