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* Copyright (C) 2010 - 2016 Eluna Lua Engine <>
* This program is free software licensed under GPL version 3
* Please see the included DOCS/ for more information
#include "ElunaUtility.h"
#include "Common.h"
#include <map>
#ifdef TRINITY
#include "Define.h"
#include "Platform/Define.h"
class Eluna;
class EventMgr;
class ElunaEventProcessor;
class WorldObject;
enum LuaEventState
LUAEVENT_STATE_RUN, // On next call run the function normally
LUAEVENT_STATE_ABORT, // On next call unregisters reffed function and erases the data
LUAEVENT_STATE_ERASE, // On next call just erases the data
struct LuaEvent
LuaEvent(int _funcRef, uint32 _delay, uint32 _repeats) :
delay(_delay), repeats(_repeats), funcRef(_funcRef), state(LUAEVENT_STATE_RUN)
void SetState(LuaEventState _state)
state = _state;
uint32 delay; // Delay between event calls
uint32 repeats; // Amount of repeats to make, 0 for infinite
int funcRef; // Lua function reference ID, also used as event ID
LuaEventState state; // State for next call
class ElunaEventProcessor
friend class EventMgr;
typedef std::multimap<uint64, LuaEvent*> EventList;
typedef std::unordered_map<int, LuaEvent*> EventMap;
ElunaEventProcessor(Eluna** _E, WorldObject* _obj);
void Update(uint32 diff);
// removes all timed events on next tick or at tick end
void SetStates(LuaEventState state);
// set the event to be removed when executing
void SetState(int eventId, LuaEventState state);
void AddEvent(int funcRef, uint32 delay, uint32 repeats);
EventMap eventMap;
void RemoveEvents_internal();
void AddEvent(LuaEvent* luaEvent);
void RemoveEvent(LuaEvent* luaEvent);
EventList eventList;
uint64 m_time;
WorldObject* obj;
Eluna** E;
class EventMgr : public ElunaUtil::RWLockable
typedef std::unordered_set<ElunaEventProcessor*> ProcessorSet;
ProcessorSet processors;
ElunaEventProcessor* globalProcessor;
Eluna** E;
EventMgr(Eluna** _E);
// Set the state of all timed events
// Execute only in safe env
void SetStates(LuaEventState state);
// Sets the eventId's state in all processors
// Execute only in safe env
void SetState(int eventId, LuaEventState state);