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Collision window navigation module for AwesomeWM

Warning: The master branch is for Awesome 4.0+, use the awesome3.5 branch for older versions of Awesome.

This module add some visual indicators for common window management operations. It is now easier to know the impact of a given command as a visual queue will be printed on the screen. Collision has 3 modes:

  • Focus: Move the focus from client to client
  • Move: Move a client
  • Resize: Change a client dimensions
  • Tag: Move to the previous/next tag


First, clone the repository

    mkdir -p ~/.config/awesome
    cd ~/.config/awesome
    git clone https://github.com/Elv13/collision

Now, open ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua (or copy /etc/xdg/awesome/rc.lua to ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua fist if you never modified your Awesome config before) and add this line somewhere in your rc.lua:


It is a very good idea to also change the default Mod4+arrow shortcut to something else:

    --Remove those lines:
    awful.key({ modkey,           }, "Left",   awful.tag.viewprev,
     {description = "view previous", group = "tag"}),
    awful.key({ modkey,           }, "Right",  awful.tag.viewnext,
     {description = "view next", group = "tag"}),

Your done!


Using Collision is easy. You just have to hit the arrow keys ( ) with some modifiers keys. The Shift key is usually used for grabbing something while the Control key is used to max out the effect.

Modifier 1 Modifier 2 Modifier 3 Effect
Mod4 Move the focus on the tiled layer
Mod4 Control Move the focus on the floating layer
Mod4 Shift Move a client in the tiled or floating layer
Mod4 Shift Control Move a floating client to the far side of that screen
Mod4 Mod1 (Alt) Increase a floating client size
Mod4 Mod1 (Alt) Shift Reduce a floating client size
Control Mod1 (Alt) Move to the next/previous tag
Control Mod4 Mod1 (Alt) Move to the next/previous screen
Control Mod4 Mod1 (Alt) + Shift Move tag to the next/previous screen

Using different keys

Due to the large ammount of keyboard shortcut Collision create, they are auto-generated automatically. While this make installation simpler, it also make Collision somewhat hard-coded magic. Some alternative keymaps can also be ackward to use because of the reliance on mod keys such as Alt and Control.

That being said, Collision allow some basic remapping. Instead of:


This can be used:

    require("collision") {
        --        Normal    Xephyr       Vim      G510
        up    = { "Up"    , "&"        , "k"   , "F15" },
        down  = { "Down"  , "KP_Enter" , "j"   , "F14" },
        left  = { "Left"  , "#"        , "h"   , "F13" },
        right = { "Right" , "\""       , "l"   , "F17" },

Of course, if the Vim keys are used, any other shortcut binded to them have to be removed from rc.lua.


Collision appearance can be changed in yout theme using the collision namespace


Variable Description
collision_bg_focus The background of the focus change arrow
collision_fg_focus The foregroung filling color of the arrow
collision_bg_center The focussed client circle background
collision_resize_width The size of the resize handles
collision_resize_shape The gears.shape used for the resize handle
collision_resize_border_width The resize handles border width
collision_resize_border_color The resize handles border colors
collision_resize_padding The resize handles padding between the boder and arrow
collision_resize_bg The resize handles background color
collision_resize_fg The resize handles arrow color


-- Swap clients across screen instead of adding them to the other tag
collision.settings.swap_across_screen = true


The collision.select_screen(idx) function allow to select a screen and can be assigned to shortcuts.

The collision.highlight_cursor(timeout) method will highlight the current mouse cursor position.

Use collision.mouse.highlight() and collision.mouse.hide()


Using the focus arrows to select empty screens only work in Awesome 3.5.7+