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Repetitive tasks eradicator for Awesome WM

Warning Awesome 3.5 users should use the awesome3.5 branch. This module officially support 4.0+.

This module allow Awesome users to map keyboard shortcuts to actions. Supported actions are:

  • Focus tag
  • Focus client and restore cursor position
  • Record/Play mouse+keyboards macros

There is 2 types of bindings:

  • Semi static: Use clients and tags properties to assign keybindings
  • Dynamic: Keyboard shortcus can be set and replaced at runtime

Dynamic shortcuts are assigned to F keys (F1-F12) to either select tags, clients or execute macros. This is done by using alternate keys to set the shortcut mode. The modes are:


In a terminal:

cd ~/.config/awesome
git clone

In rc.lua (at line 1):


You are done!


By default, nothing is done. If you use mod4+F1, it will set a keybindins on F1 to focus the current client. If you use alt+F1, it will do the same for the current tag. Pression F1 will select the client/tag.

Mode Description Setter Mod
none Execute the F-key as a regular F-key (default) none
exec Execute the command already set using modifiers none
client Assign a client to the F-key and save cursor mod4
tag Assign a tag to be focussed when pressing the key mod1 (alt)
macro Record a macro until Escape is pressed Control

Semi static keyboard bindings are designed to be set by a third party rule such as Awful.rules or Tyrannical. Once the object is either activated (tag) or tagged (client), Repetitive will assign the shortcuts based on the following criterias:

Mode Description Default
shortcut A shortcut, use the same syntax as rc.lua ones N/A
rotate_shortcut Select the next instance true
exclusive_shortcut Replace the previous shortcut used for this key★ false
relative_shortcut Use the tag index as mod4+index shortcut false
viewonly Toggle a tag visibility instead of replacing it true

★ Can only replace shortcuts set by Repetitive, if one has been set using the global or clients shortcut section of rc.lua, both will be executed.

Another way to assign a shortcut is when creating tags manually:

    local t = awful.tag.add("MyTag",{shortcut = { {"Mond4}, "e" }, --[[more options]] })

In a function:

    awful.tag.setproperty(t, "shortcut", { {"Mond4}, "e" })

Or for clients:

    awful.client.propoery.set(c,"shortcut", { {"Mond4}, "e" })


Repetitive tasks eradicator module for Awesome WM







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