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Elven Tools

Open Source toolset for launching NFTs collections on the MultiversX (previously Elrond) blockchain.

Hey there đź‘‹

The Elven Tools includes the Smart Contracts (NFT/SFT), CLI tool, and minter dapp for NFT launches. Every part of it can be used as a separate tool. But the best is to use it all together. You can, of course, use the Smart Contract separately, for example, with mxpy, but the elven-tools cli gives you a lot of simplification with the process. You don't have to think about proper arguments because it will ask you for them. Then you can deploy the Minter Dapp to start selling.

Important: To be sure where the project is already, what's missing etc. please check the Kanban boards for each repository:

Additional scripts:

Ask me anything here:

Please also check:

  • Elven.js ( - compact browser library for interacting with the MultiversX blockchain and smart contracts. No build steps are required. You can also use it directly from CDN on a static website.
  • useElven ( - a set of hooks and tools designed to work with React-based applications. The engine for Elven Tools Dapp.


  1. Elven Tools NFT Minter Smart Contract - launching NFTs collections on the MultiversX blockchain

    Rust 47 35

  2. Elven Tools SFT Minter Smart Contract - launching SFTs collections on the MultiversX blockchain

    Rust 3 1

  3. Elven Tools CLI - command line tool for launching NFTs collections on the MultiversX blockchain (Plus other tools).

    TypeScript 25 14

  4. Elven Tools Dapp - MultiversX (previously Elrond) blockckchain frontend dapp demo. Primarily for NFT minting, but it can be used for other purposes.

    TypeScript 24 33

  5. Filter long-term hodlers of a particular NFT collection

    JavaScript 3 2

  6. A simple script that will take the output file from `elven-tools collection-nft-owners` and produce a predefined CSV file.

    JavaScript 1


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