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Elven Tools NFT Minter Smart Contract - launching NFTs collections on the MultiversX blockchain

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NFT minter Smart Contract

Be aware that the Smart Contract doesn't have any audits. It has complete functionality for the first version but still needs some improvements. Test it first on the devnet/testnet.

You can use elven-tools-cli for deployment, setup and interactions!

You can use elven-tools-dapp as your frontend dapp for minting process! (NextJS based app with 4 auth providers)

Also check elven-tools-sft-minter-sc - SFT minter and vending machine smart contract

What is it?

You are reading about the Smart Contract designed for the MultiversX blockchain. Its primary purpose is to provide a simple logic for minting and buying a previously configured collection of NFTs. It does it in a randomized way. Version 1 of it supports:

  • issuing the collection token
  • setting the proper roles
  • pausing/unpausing the process
  • random mint and distribution
  • minting multiple NFTs in one transaction
  • giveaway options + multiple addresses distribution in one transaction
  • possibility to split the process into drops (waves/batches). It is named 'drop'
  • configuring the allowlist, populating from a file or providing by hand
  • claiming the developer rewards
  • changing basic setup where it is possible
  • and more...

Start here: Elven Tools Jumpstart

Check the abi file for more information.

Also, check how simple it is to deploy and interact with it using elven-tools-cli.

Check out possible workflows

Examples of how you can configure your Smart Contract in a couple of scenarios and how to use the CLI to do this faster and more efficiently:

All endpoints with short descriptions

For all commands, check out the docs:

Other ways of using it

You can always clone it and change it as you need. The best is to use the Elven Tools CLI tool, which can also be configured after changes. But nothing stops you from using the mxpy. It is all up to you. Of course, you will need to do more work when using the mxpy.

Tracking the progress


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  • elven.js - simplified wrapper over JS SDK, designed to work as a plug-n-play solution for browser based use cases. No build steps and frameworks, just one file to rule it all! Check usage examples!
  • NFT Art Maker - generates images and metadata files and packs them into CAR files, all from provided PNG layers.
  • Buildo Begins - CLI toolset for interacting with the MultiversX blockchain, APIs and smart contracts
  • Export collection owners to CSV

Issues and ideas

Please post issues and ideas here.


MIT + GPLv3 (MultiversX tooling)