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Elven Tools Dapp - MultiversX blockckchain frontend dapp demo. Primarily for NFT minting, but it can be used for other purposes.


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Elven Tools Dapp

The Dapp is built using Nextjs and a couple of helpful tools. It allows you to interact with the MultiversX blockchain and smart contracts, and especially it is prepared for the Elven Tools Smart Contract. But you can always modify it and adjust it for your needs.

It provides:

  • Signing with 4 MultiversX blockchain providers
    • Web Wallet
    • xPortal mobile app
    • MultiversX DeFi browser extension
    • Ledger Nano
  • Guarderd transactions
  • React hooks for making transactions
  • React hooks for querying smart contracts
  • Tools and React hooks for app state synchronization
  • Optional API endpoint rewrites
  • Preconfigured UI based on Chakra UI
  • The template with sections mainly used on minter dapps (it will be developed further)


The template is based on @useelven/core npm library.

Besides that, there are custom React components and hooks that will help you with development.

Elven Tools Dapp docs

For more docs on how to use it check the link above, and for more examples see:

Tracking the progress

How to start it locally:

  1. npm install -g elven-tools
  2. elven-tools init-dapp
  3. cd your-dapp-directory
  4. npm run dev

--- or ---

  1. clone or download the repo code
  2. cd elven-tools-dapp
  3. npm install
  4. configure .env.local (you can copy the contents of the .env.example)
  5. npm run dev

Check detailed docs on it here: How to start with the Dapp

Main assumption for the dapp:

  • it works on Nextjs
  • it uses the newest version of sdk-core without the sdk-dapp library.
  • optionally it uses backend-side rewrites to hide the API endpoint, then the only exposed one is /api
  • it uses .env file - there is an example in the repo
  • it uses chakra-ui

More docs on it: Minter Dapp introduction

Other tools

  • useElven - React core hooks for MultiversX blockchain
  • elven.js - standalone lite SDK for browsers without build steps
  • Buildo Begins - CLI helper tools - interaction with APIs, smart contracts and protocol
  • - the app that helps with blockchain interactions, like issuing tokens and querying smart contracts.
  • Nextjs Dapp Template - Open source Dapp template for the MultiversX blockchain (more general one).