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Integration of lua-resty-openidc to ingress-nginx using ingress-nginx's plugin system
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This is a demonstration of ingress-nginx's plugin system and its extensibility in general. Vanilla ingress-nginx does not have a support for OpenID Connect. However we can extend it and add OpenID Connect support using

We achieve this by creating an ingress-nginx plugin called openidc and installing it to /etc/nginx/lua/plugins/ directory in the image.

In order to build the image use following command:

docker build -t ingress-nginx-openidc rootfs/

For further understanding of the plugin you can inspect rootfs/etc/nginx/lua/plugins/openidc/main.lua file.

You will see that the plugin requires OPENIDC_CLIENT_ID and OPENIDC_CLIENT_SECRET environment variables to be set. You can store these variables in a K8s secret and then configure that in the deployment manifest so that the environment variables are available within ingress-nginx containers.

Finally we need to make changes to /etc/nginx/template/nginx.tmpl and configure the openidc plugin:

plugins.init({ "openidc" }) also requires us to define following Nginx directives:

lua_ssl_trusted_certificate /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt;
lua_ssl_verify_depth 5;

# cache for discovery metadata documents
lua_shared_dict discovery 1m;
# cache for JWKs
lua_shared_dict jwks 1m;

This has last been tested with ingress-nginx 0.26.1.

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