Plugin for Irssi to send push notifications to iPhone via Prowl
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prowlnotify Irssi Plugin

prowlnotify is a simple script to send push notifications from Irssi to the iPhone via Prowl ( or to Android devices via NMA (

It was originally based on BCOW's script which automatically marks you as away when your last IRC client disconnects from Irssi's proxy. This fork of Denis Lemire's version removes the proxy and checks for screen_away boolean flag.


  1. Create a text file containing your API key in either in ~/.prowlkey or ~/.NMA_apikey
  2. Copy the script into Irssi's scripts dir (typically ~/.irssi/scripts/)
  3. Edit $config{API} = ""; (line 43) to specify prowl or NMA
  4. /script load
  5. Send yourself a test message with /prowl test


This version of the script depends on the screen_away boolean flag to see if it should notify or not. it therefore depends on

perl dependencies

The Notify My Android API calls are sent via HTTPS. For this to work you need to have IO::Socket::SSL installed:

 cpan -i IO::Socket::SSL