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Emagister Banners Bundle

Welcome to Banners Bundle, a small @EmagisterTech project that acts as a Symfony2 Tutorial inside our Friday Training Sessions

You can read Symfony2 README file here

The project is about the creation of a Banner Server, most like what OpenX and other similar tools do, but with Symfony2.

There are branches for each training day, so you can join us at any point of the series.

More info and videos can be found at Our Blog

Sessions Summary


In this first day we learned how to install Symfony2 from scratch, and a small review on what we get when we download Symfony2 standard edition with vendors. We also started using CLI tools to create a Bundle skeleton, and 2 entities with a OneToMany relationship.


In this second day we created CRUD for our entities and made a common layout for all views generated. We introduced Twig as a template system, customized generated forms, enhanced entities, introduced Symfony2 validators and created querys in a Repository to optimize performance.


In our third day, we started expanding our Symfony2 project with DoctrineExtensionsBundle, DoctrineMigrationsBundle and DoctrineExtensionsBundle. We used those bundles, and upgraded our Crud to use Timestampable Extension At the end, we presented Symfony2 commands and learnt about how to colour the output.