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Typographic Email

This is a responsive email template that is optimized for readability. This is used in my project - EmailThis. I created it because I needed a simple, minimal yet beautiful email template that focusses specifically on readability.

Side note: Do check out EmailThis. It is a simpler alternative to Pocket/Readability/Instapaper. EmailThis will remove distractions & ads from an article or web page and send you a nice email with just the text/images. You can then open up the email client on your laptop/mobile and read the article at your leisure. It is completely free, try it out here -

Here is a preview of how it looks -

Email Preview

Feel free to download it & customize it to suit your needs. I would welcome your suggestions, comments and bug reports.


git clone
cd typographic-email
npm install
grunt serve

Based on the awesome Grunt Email Workflow.

All the credit goes to Lee Munroe for creating a great email workflow. I simply tweaked the styles a little bit.


Maker @ EmailThis