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* New option --tranfer-sleep-lock gives lockers control over the inhibit delay.
Two bash scripts are included to use this with existing lockers. (Bumps
required glib version from 2.30 to 2.32.)
* Don't kill locker on forced ScreenSaverOff event. This resulted in killing
the locker upon returning to the VT running X after switching to another VT.
Since there is no reliable way to detect VT-switching, this is necessary to
keep things secure without enabling DontVTSwitch in xorg.conf.
Now the only difference between `xset s reset` and sending SIGHUP to xss-lock
(while the locker is active) is that the former resets the idle hint and
(with DPMS) turns the screen back on. Killing the locker process directly is
now the only way to deactivate the locker programmatically. Perhaps the next
release will include something like `xss-lock-command` to provide more
fine-grained control over a running xss-lock instance.
* Type 'm' for tmpfiles.d introduced in systemd-208 is more suitable for
modifying sysfs brightness file permissions.
* Add zsh and bash completion.
* Update man page.
* Updated dim-screen script (fading, configuration at the top).
* xdg-screensaver patch + man page note.
* New options: --quiet and --verbose.
* Set idle hint on logind session.
* Fix bugs related to notifier and (--ignore-)sleep.
* Warning message for additional X errors that pop up in the event loop.
* Allow building with glib>=2.30 (exit status of notifier/locker is not
checked for <2.34).
* Typo fixes and other small improvements to documentation.
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