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Collection of crates to deal with crashes


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🔥 crash-handling

Set of utility crates for catching and handling crashes

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Name Description
crash-context Provides portable types containing target specific contextual information at the time of a crash Docs
sadness-generator Provides various ways to make your program sad Docs
crash-handler Provides a crash handler to invoke a user supplied callback with the contextual information of a crash Docs
minidumper Provides an IPC client and server for creating minidumps for an external process Docs

Notable external crate

minidump-writer does the heavy lifting of inspecting a crashed process and writing a minidump for it. This is used by the minidumper::Service to write a minidump to the user specified location when a minidumper::Client detects a crash and requests a dump be created.

Supported targets

Arch unknown-linux-gnu unknown-linux-musl linux-android pc-windows-msvc apple-darwin


Contributor Covenant

We welcome community contributions to this project.

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