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Embark Contributor Guidelines

Welcome! This project is created by the team at Embark Studios. We're glad you're interested in contributing! We welcome contributions from people of all backgrounds who are interested in making great software with us.

At Embark, we aspire to empower everyone to create interactive experiences. To do this, we're exploring and pushing the boundaries of new technologies, and sharing our learnings with the open source community.

If you have ideas for collaboration, email us at

We're also hiring full-time engineers to work with us in Stockholm or remotely! Check out our current job postings here.


Feature Requests

If you have ideas or how to improve our projects, you can suggest features by opening a GitHub issue. Make sure to include details about the feature or change, and describe any uses cases it would enable.

Feature requests will be tagged as enhancement and their status will be updated in the comments of the issue.


When reporting a bug or unexpected behaviour in a project, make sure your issue descibes steps to reproduce the behaviour, including the platform you were using, what steps you took, and any error messages.

Reproducible bugs will be tagged as bug and their status will be updated in the comments of the issue.


Issues will be closed and tagged as wontfix if we decide that we do not wish to implement it, usually due to being misaligned with the project vision or out of scope. We will comment on the issue with more detailed reasoning.

Contribution Workflow

Open Issues

If you're ready to contribute, start by looking at our open issues tagged as help wanted or good first issue.

You can comment on the issue to let others know you're interested in working on it or to ask questions.

Making Changes

  1. Fork the repository.

  2. Create a new feature branch.

  3. Make your changes. Ensure that there are no build errors by running the project with your changes locally.

  4. Open a pull request with a name and description of what you did. You can read more about working with pull requests on GitHub here.

  5. A maintainer will review your pull request and may ask you to make changes.

Code Guidelines


You can read about our standards and recommendations for working with Rust here.


We recommend following PEP8 conventions when working with Python modules.


We follow the AirBnB JavaScript style guide. You can find the ESLint configuration in relevant repositories.


Unless otherwise specified, all Embark open source projects are licensed under a dual MIT OR Apache-2.0 license, allowing licensees to chose either at their option. You can read more in each project's respective README.

Code of Conduct

Please note that our projects are released with a Contributor Code of Conduct to ensure that they are welcoming places for everyone to contribute. By participating in any Embark open source project, you agree to abide by these terms.