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📓 Relnotes: Automatic GitHub Release Notes

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Relnotes is a tool to automatically generate a file containing every merged pull request for a GitHub repository. It comes with a simple configuration file and powerful templating allowing you to easily create release notes in your preferred format and organisation.

How it works


  • Automatically gets all merged PRs since the last release, and can be configured for different release schedules.
  • Automatic list of contributors for the release.
  • Label filtering and categorisation using regular expressions.
  • Powerful configuration file for advanced layouts.
  • Supports collecting changes from multiple repositories.
  • Uses Tera templates for release notes format.

How It Works

The basic usage of relnotes works by providing the repository and version of new the release. For example if you wanted the release notes of a potential new 0.3.0 release of [rust-gpu], you would run the following.

relnotes EmbarkStudios/rust-gpu@0.3.0

This will generate the following markdown:

# rust-gpu 0.3.0 (2020-12-29)

- [Update .cargo/config Shader Compilation Setup](
- [Upgrade winit v0.23 -> v0.24](
- [Update spirv-tools](
- [Renamed spirv-attrib to spirv-std-macros](
<!-- Shortened for brevity -->

## Contributors

- [DGriffin91](
- [Hentropy](
- [Jake-Shadle](
- [VZout](
<!-- Shortened for brevity -->

Configuration File

# GitHub repository owner
owner = "EmbarkStudios"
# GitHub Repository
repo = "relnotes"
# Both `from` and `to` accept either any fixed timestamp, `today`, or
# `release:` followed by either a tag to use that tag's release date
# or `latest` to always select the latest release.
# Syntax: <date|(release:(latest|<tag>))>
# The start of the new release timeframe. Default: `release:latest`.
from = "release:latest"
# The end of the timeframe. Default: `today`.
to = "today"
# Format string for the `date` variable in `[template]`. Default: `%Y-%m-%d`
date-format = "%Y-%m-%d"
# Set of regular expressions that if any of the PR's labels match will
# be skipped and not included in the release notes. Default: `[]`
skip-labels = []

# A set of categories to populate the `categories` variable and to help
# organise the release notes, if any of the issues labels match the set
# of regexes in `labels` it will be placed in this category. (Priority matches
# order in toml file). Default: empty
# The title of the category
title = "Updated Dependencies"
# Set of regexes to match against the labels.
labels = ["dependencies"]

# Additional repositories to include in the release notes. It has all
# of the same properties as root (except `includes`), and inherits root's
# configuration if omitted.
owner = "owner"
repo = "repo"
# Gets the timeframe from the root repository rather than the `includes`
# repository.
uses-parent-for-timeframe = false
# from = "release:latest"
# to = "today"
# date-format = "%Y-%m-%d"
# skip-labels = []
# [[includes.categories]]

# The template to generate the release notes. The `[template]` map accepts
# either a `string` literal or a `path` to the tera template to use. (Does
# not accept both.)
# Variables available
# - `version`: The version passed to `relnotes`
# - `date`: The `to` date formatted by `date_format`.
# - `categories`: A map of prs categorised by their `title`. `title -> prs`
# - `prs`: Any PRs that weren't filtered or categorised.
# path = ""
string = """
Version {{version}} ({{date}})

{% for title, prs in categories %}
## {{ title }}
{%- for pr in prs %}
- [{{pr.title}}]({{pr.html_url}})
  {%- endfor %}
{% endfor %}

## Uncategorised PRs
{% for pr in prs -%}
- [{{pr.title}}]({{pr.html_url}})
{% endfor %}


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