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Ember Coin

Ember is a PoW / PoS-based cryptocurrency.

  • Ticker: EMB
  • Algorithm: x13 PoW/PoS
  • PoS Staking Annual Rate:
  • Continue 7200% until Nov 1 2017
  • Reduce to 720% gradually by Nov 3 2017
  • Reduce to 72% gradually by Nov 1 2018
  • Reduce to 7.2% gradually by Nov 1 2019
  • Maximum Supply: TBD
  • PoS Maturity: 10 Hours until coins are valid for stake
  • TX maturity (Mined): 60 Confirmations / (Sent/Received): 8 Confirmations
  • rpcport: 10022
  • port: 10024
  • Blocktime: approx. 6 and (2/3) Minutes

Ember General Info

The Ember project has been mining on an old wallet that has been abandoned. The wallet has not been touched since early 2016. The seed infrastructure is all down. Builtin addresses are down. We know that the original developer was a contract programmer paid by the scam artist who had made a single character typo bug that resulted in the outrageous staking reward. Regardless, it's time to fix this, and show the world the potential for the phoenix rebirth of Ember.

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