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Atmosphere OS


Basic specs


  • No standalone apps
  • IPFS module distribution
  • Tokenized store
  • Single identity
  • Hardware wallet

No apps

In aos apps are going to be replaced by modules think of how you install Sack bots. Aos will provide basic UI elements such as buttons, lists, switches, graphs etc. Each module will be part of a Layer, for example imagine the Map Layer where developers can build modules like Uber, Citymapper, Venue Rating systems.

Module distribution

Modules will be installed via /install command or via the Module Store. The module store will be based on IPFS to avoid central control. We would need a reputation system in place to allow the community to deal with bad actors.

Tokenized store

Because aos creates a community we have to able to incentivise people to contribute. These contributions can be:

  • Modules
  • New Layers
  • Bug reports
  • Feature development
  • Moderation
  • Crowdfunding

Everything that is currently being done on our behalf by Apple an Google has to be done in a decentralised manner.

Single identity / Switch between identities on system level

Each aos member will have a single identity/@handler, this means no phone numbers or many chat apps like viber, skype, etc. All communication can go through Whisper, Dat or similar decentralised p2p network. Members will be able to call, message, follow other members on the network.

People will be able to switch between identities on a system level. Similar to loggin in dapps via metamask.



Think Rotonde that support audio and video calling, private and public messages.


A map that will support decentralised versions of Uber, Ratings, Airbnb, etc.


Think Quip/Dropbox Paper


Aos will support crypto currencies natively. NFC support.


A single layer that will support the future decentralised versions of Spotify, Soundcloud etc.


This one needs a lot of explaining. As it will have community(bugs, feature request boards) and crowdfunding.


This layer is more about filters, photo editing etc.

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