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The most advanced and modern Spore modding tool.
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Check the website:

SporeModder FX is a tool for designing modifications for the videogame Spore. So far it's the most advanced tool, including features such as:

  • An advanced text editor, with syntax highlighting, error diagnose, autocomplete,...
  • A modern text format to visualize most of the files used by Spore.
  • A "Spore User Interface" editor, that allows you to create and edit the Spore UI.
  • An image and texture viewer that can visualize common images, but also textures used by Spore.
  • A model viewer, still in progress, that can visualize some of the models that are in the Spore format.

The tool is designed to have a simple and user-friendly user interface, so making mods for Spore is easier than ever!

If you have any doubt, want to report a bug or you just want to suggest how to improve the program, you can:

  • Send me a message in my github account.
  • Send an email to
  • Join the Spore discord server and contact me there.


SporeModder FX was programmed in Java 1.8, using the Eclipse tool. Additionally, the following libraries were used:

Also wanted to give thanks to:

  • rob55rod/Splitwirez, for all his advice that ensured the program didn't end up being a total unusable mess.
  • BentLent, Snek, Psi and Darhagonable, for testing the program.
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