v0.5.2emc changes:

@EvgenijM86 EvgenijM86 tagged this Dec 22, 2016 · 5 commits to master since this tag

1) Merged with bitcoin 0.10.4. This allows to create transactions that cannot be spent until certain time/height.
2) QT and CLI now has unicode support by default (Univalue lib). This will display Unicode symbols in name value, but please note: do not use it for binary data.
3) RPC can also enable unicode, but you need to specify "-legacyrpc=0" in your emercoin.conf.
4) Name commands now have parameter for binary input/output as a hex or base64 encoded strings.
5) Some minor bugfixes (emercoin-cli could crash client during client startup).
6) More info about wallet lock state in getinfo.
7) Added ENUM support.