Error Disconnected after Close on Windows #80

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I'm running some unit tests that include node-serialport functionality. I'm finding that if I run a series of tests that call .close() I'll commonly get a Disconnected error event after the .close() call. It doesn't seem to affect the functionality of the library which continues working as if cleanly closed, but it does cause my error handler in the unit tests havok.

I have a workaround which is to call .removeAllListeners('error') prior to calling .close(). However it feels like there could be a cleaner solution here.

Repro case is calling 'npm test' on Reflecta library at revision JayBeavers/Reflecta@3697cce.



FYI, this error does not repro on Ubuntu 12.04.

@joeferner joeferner was assigned Oct 18, 2012

When I get some spare time, I will try and repro this on a recent build.

@JayBeavers JayBeavers was assigned Sep 19, 2013

Closing due to age, if still issue, please resubmit ticket.

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