WebService for geographic purposes based on the OGC Standard http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/ols
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What is this?

GoFleetLS is a [[OpenLS OGC|http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/ols]] compliant server.

If you want to know more about what an OpenLS server is, keep reading about [[the OpenLS Standard]].

Where can I find more information?

If the [[Wiki]] does not provide you enough information, you can always search for the [[OLS specification|http://www.opengeospatial.org/standards/ols]] on the web, which we try to follow as closely as we can.

How compliant is GofleetLS with OLS?

[[Check it by yourself|Current-status]]

I have more questions, where can I ask them?

Get involved on the mailing list: https://lists.morfeo-project.org/mailman/listinfo/gofleet-devel