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Configuration on GofleetLS is based on Apache's Commons Configuration. This way, you can change configuration properties without having to restart the entire system.

The main class which holds all configuration data is This class tries, on the following order, to load configuration from different sources:

  • Database: Using main datasource from GoFleetLS, looks for a "configuration" table where the "key" column holds the keys and the "value" column saves the values.
  • JNDI: Using InitialContext, it loads all jndi variables on "java:comp/env" parameters. For example, if you are using Tomcat, you can define the context.xml file like this:

    <Context path="/openLS" docBase="/var/git/GoFleetLSServer/target/openLS.war" reloadable="true" >
    <Environment name="prueba_env_entry" value="afirmativo" type="java.lang.String" />

Values will be overriden without warning from more general (database) to more specific (jndi). You can run without a database.

There are several Configuration Parameters.

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