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1.0 Goals (or maybe 0.99)

  • Better error messages
  • Ease setup
    • Move all settings from the YAML configuration file to the database (editable through web UI)
    • Move custom field creation from rake to web UI (this and previos one allow full translation)
    • Move historic data edit from fixture/rake task to web UI
    • Move cost data recalculation from rake task to web UI (¿invoke automatically when appropriate?)

1.1 Goals (or maybe 1.0)

  • Documentation
    • User guide
    • ¿Demo site?
  • Optional elements
    • Make some more trackers/fields optional (just do not show metrics which need them)

Other Goals

  • Optimization
    • Write a good test suite
    • Optimize calculations
  • Old code cleaning
  • More translations