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Releases: EmilKmetski/KeePassTeamViewerAndAmmy

KeePassTeamViewerAndAmmy 1.0

27 May 12:35
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This plugin for KeePass allows you to be able to run directly TeamViwer or Ammyy Admin for within KeePass. When using TeamViwer you need to add two string fields "TeamViewerID" where you fill your ID and "TeamViewerPass" where you fill your password and you may enable memory protection. The same goes for Ammyy Admin string fields "AmmyyID" and "AmmyyPass".
For Ammyy the password should be in the clipboard since there is no way to pass it directly.

The string fields are found in the "Advanced" tab when you create/edit entry.

You will need to extract the files and to edit the configuration file "TeamViewerAndAmmyy.json".
Replace the applications full executable paths in the file by using double slashes as it is in the current values there.

After you have set this up. You need to copy "Newtonsoft.Json.dll" and "TeamViewerAndAmmyy.dll" and "TeamViewerAndAmmyy.json" into the KeePass Plugins folder.

And when you restart your KeePass the plugin will be enabled.