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A PHP library for the API.

MoneyBird v1

Version 2 of MoneyBird is not yet available to all of their customers. Please make sure, when using this library that you are using version 2 of MoneyBird. You can check that quite easy: version 1 is using, version 2 (notice .nl vs. .com). A library for version 1 is available: This library is not compatible with the library of version 1. With introducing version 2, MoneyBird changed the API in such way that compatibility is hard to maintain.


This library is created to ease the use of the API. Authentication can be done using either an API key or an OAuth client (which needs a token and secret). The client in this library assumes authentication using an API key. This key can be requested using the web application (user, developer section). Connecting to using this library can be done as well using OAuth, use the $client parameter of the constructor. Make sure that you use a client that acts like the client in this library. If you have a client library available, please add a link to that library in the section OAuth clients.

Code example

The following example shows how to use the library using API-token authentication to retrieve all sales invoices.

$salesInvoiceFactory = new SalesInvoiceFactory('123', null, 'abc');

And this example shows how to use the library using your own client. See OAuth client section for more information.

$client = new MoneyBirdOAuth();
$salesInvoiceFactory = new SalesInvoiceFactory('123', $client);

In the examples above, '123' corresponds to the administration identifier, 'abc' to the API token. Please replace with real values.


This library has been written in the first place to link to other systems an our own software.


This library has not yet been added as a repository for composer. Just download this library and put it in the vendor directory of your project. Make sure you add a reference to the autoload section of your composer. Adding this project to composer will be done as soon as possible.


This library is available under the MIT License (MIT), see LICENSE for more information.

OAuth clients


Documentation of the API is available at


A PHP library for the API




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