A python API wrapper for deepl.com translating service.
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Note: The comercial DeepL API has been released. You should use it instead subscribing to DeepL Pro.



A Python API wrapper for the DeepL translation service.


pip install pydeepl

Getting Started

Python Version

Pydeepl was written for both Python 2 and Python 3.

Add pydeepl to your application

import pydeepl

sentence = 'I like turtles.'
from_language = 'EN'
to_language = 'ES'

translation = pydeepl.translate(sentence, to_language, from_lang=from_language)

# Using auto-detection
translation = pydeepl.translate(sentence, to_language)

Supported Languages

Pydeepl supports these languages:

Code Language
auto Auto detect
DE German
EN English
FR French
ES Spanish
IT Italian
NL Dutch
PL Polish
Note that auto detection is only possible for the source language.


DeepL is a product from DeepL GmbH. More info: deepl.com/publisher.html

This package has been heavily inspired by node-deepls and DeepLy.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details