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A package to run jest inside emacs
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Credit: emacs-python-pytest

This package provides helpers to run jest.


jest.el is available from melpa.

With use-package:

(use-package jest)


M-x package-install RET jest RET


The main command is jest-popup, which will show a dispatcher menu, making it easy to change various options and switches, and then run jest using one of the actions.

  • jest (run all tests)
  • jest-file (current file)
  • jest-file-dwim (‘Do what I mean’ for current file)
  • jest-function (current function)
  • jest-function-dwim (‘Do what I mean’ for current function)
  • jest-last-failed (rerun previous failures)
  • jest-repeat (repeat last invocation)

A prefix argument causes the generated command line to be offered for editing, and various customization options influence how some of the commands work. See the for detailed information.

Jest Popup

 -b bail (--bail)
 -c colors (--colors)
 -C coverage (--coverage)
 -d run doctests (--doctest-modules)
 -D debug jest config (--debug)
 -e expand (--expand)
 -f force exit (--forceExit)
 -l last commit (--lastCommit)
 -o only changed (--onlyChanged)
 -s silent (--silent)
 -v verbose (--verbose)
 -w watch (--watch)
 -W watch all (--watchAll)

 =c config file (--config=)
 =k only names matching expression (-t)
 =o output file (--outputFile=)
 =x exit after N failures or errors (--maxfail=)

Run tests
 t Test all            x Test last-failed

Run tests for current context
 f Test file           F Test this file
 d Test def/class      D This def/class

Repeat tests
 r Repeat last test run


Please create a new issue or submit a PR.

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