LSML 2.0.8

@EmilyBjoerk EmilyBjoerk released this Dec 17, 2017 · 25 commits to develop since this release

Please do consider supporting LSML through Patreon

I rarely play MWO any more and I keep LSML updated mostly because I'd hate to see it die. But it takes away a lot of my free time to do so. If you find LSML useful, please do consider becoming a Patreon to support the continued development of LSML.

Just for curiosity, for this release I had to:

  • Modify 284 files.
  • Change around 8500 lines of code.
  • Spend around 20 days of my free time.

Backup your garage!

This is a beta release. In particular I'm unsure if your garages with pre-skill/module changes will load correctly as I have no test data. Data loss is a real possibility, so backup your garage BEFORE installing. As with all beta releases, please report any issues you find to the issue tracker here: I do not monitor the MWO forums, issues posted there will not be fixed.


Please report any bugs here

Changes since 2.0.6 (stable)

  • Update mobility calculations for engine decoupling changes.
  • Update parsing to handle new item types
  • Update loadout window to accommodate new armour upgrades.
  • New icons for the new equipment.
  • Fixed opening LSML links when LSML was closed.
  • Errors when converting old garage files are now batched into one combined message.
  • Pilot modules removed.
  • Engine lists are collapsed by default now.
  • Remove all 'X' functionality when right clicking on loadout now is undoable.
  • Fill 'Mech with ammo functionality on right click is now working again.
  • Error dialogue windows now have the correct window icon.
  • Light engines are now properly supported.
  • Fixed CSS rendering problems.
  • Upgraded to Java 9 to be able to fix some outstanding bugs for the next release.
  • Added security models for XStream.
  • Fixed an issue when sorting by speed in weapons table.
  • Fixed an issue where new loadouts couldn't be renamed.
  • Using Dagger2 internally to reduce maintenance burden a bit.
  • No more errors when swapping clan omnimech side torsos on certain mechs.
  • Updated range computations for weapons to take new ATM type weapons into account.
  • Removed old skill stuff.
  • Redesigned loadout window info panel (right hand side) to show more, better information in a smaller area while still being more readable than the last one.
  • Major fixes in build system to make life easier for would-be contributors.

Known Issues

  • Auto detect game install doesn't show progress #724
  • Error reporting on batch import is bad and needs to be improved #721
  • Stealth armour can be equipped without ECM #718
  • Default upgrades doesn't reflect new armour types #715
  • Sustained DPS is weird when no heat sinks are equipped #704