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Share, collect feedback on, and view/manage design iterations

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Homestrip 1/2Homestrip - 2/2

Image courtesy Anirudh Menon.


GlitterGallery will be an amazing way to collaborate on design!

The goals are to allow designers to easily share their work, gather and parse feedback in a useful way, and version their work just as developers are able to.

GlitterGallery will be somewhat biased to support SVGs from Inkscape, and to work with the magicmockup rapid prototyping program. That doesn't mean it won't work with other filetypes, though!

Run GlitterGallery

GlitterGallery runs on OpenShift, so it's really easy to run your own version.

  1. Sign up for OpenShift if you don't already have an account
  2. Create a new ruby-1.9 application and add MySQL
  3. Clone the application repo: git clone <OpenShift git URL>
  4. Change into the cloned directory
  5. Add the GlitterGallery repo: git remote add glitter -m master
  6. Pull: git pull -s recursive -X theirs glitter master
  7. Push: git push

Get involved

Email us and let us know you're interested, and what you can do, and we'll figure out something you can help with. Or just fork it and hack on it! Up to you! More contribution points on the wiki!

Stories in Ready


Sarup Banskota (

Maírín Duffy (

Emily Dirsh (

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