Eclipse Tutorial

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Check out the following tutorial for getting the sample app running on Eclipse:

In a terminal window, cd into your workspace directory.

If you are not sure which workspace directory is yours, feel free to create a new folder.

Clone the repository as follows:

` git clone `

1) Open Eclipse, right click on the Package Explorer and import 

2) Choose “Existing Android Code Into Workspace”:

3) Select “Browse” and navigate to where you cloned the repository

4) Select the directory and click “Finish”

5) Then go to “Properties”

6) Remove the current ‘library/src’ folder and select “Add Folder…”

7) Select the ‘java’ folder under the src/main directory. This will point Eclipse to the correct spot for the java src code.

8) Finally, open “Properties” again, under Android check the box to make this project a library.

9) Next step is to import the sample from the same cloned repository. Follow steps 1 through 7 for the sample project.

 10) Then under the Android Properties, click “Add” in the library area.

11) And select “library” as a library reference.

12) Then go to and download the Picasso jar. Once you have that, create a new folder underneath the sample app entitled “libs” and put the jar inside

13) Once you are finished all the above steps, remember to do a project clean.

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